“Fable:Book 1of the Lorn Prophecy”


The book for review is “Fable: Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy (Volume 1)” by Lisa Fender.

I would place the genre as fantasy and YA.

Meet our main character Stevie, a young woman who is soon to graduate from high school. What her plans after that, well she is not certain unlike her friends who are going to this college or that college.

Everything about Stevie screams of typical, normal, everyday American girl and she would agree. But someone is watching her and knows Stevie is anything but normal. This watcher is not of this world or of this dimension. He is her soul mate who has been waiting for her to mature on this planet. On his world, she is the guardian of their land. She was born to be one that would save her homeland. But nothing is ever that simple, is it?

The Rebellion are trying to find her to hunt her down before her true purpose comes to fruition.

I am not a reader of fantasy. Most of the time I am reading this genre to give a review that the author has asked of me. This book had a pace that worked well for me which is important considering the genre. I did enjoy it, the author wrote it in such a way I did not get lost with the jargons that one sometimes sees in books of fantasy. The characters were delightful in some spots, frustrating in other but it blended well together. A good read for anyone who loves this genre.

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