“Both of Me”


The review for today is “Both of Me” by Jonathan Friesen.

Meet Clara, a drifter of sorts. Her father is in jail, her mother working hard in a factory during the day while drinking herself to sleep at night while Clara takes care of her younger siblings. Upon the death of her mom, which causes the early release of her father, she bolts on her own. Following a map of her father’s showing places where he has been, this is her road map and her new life.

Until she meets a young man, Elias, on an airplane. He takes her suitcase which she hunts down to retrieve. The day the front door of his home is open is the day her life changes forever.

Meet Elias, a young man with two sides to him, one a sweet, loving and caring young man, the other as they call the Other One who is mean and is on a quest to Salem and the Lighthouse keeper and he needs Clara to help.

The split personality of Elias comes and goes at will, the more it happens the less she sees of the Elias who is kind but more of the cruel version of Elias. Soon Clara is sucked up into the world and decides she is to help him with his quest and to finish it once and for all.

Along the way characters are met that will help and hinder their journey. More and more as they move forward Clara falls head first for this young man, and it is no longer about her and her alone. She helps the Other One for the request so she can spend the few hours of the day she has her Elias with her.

This is an interesting book that took me in right away. It was a plot I had not come across before and it kept my interest for a good portion of the book. It did stall on me for some of the things that were done just did not seem plausible to me. Would she really do all of this for someone she just happened to sit next to on a plane? I’m not sure.

This book was received for free exchange for an honest review.

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