“Article 118 was the Case”


The book for review is “Article 118 was the Case. A Brown Creeper Mystery (Brown Creeper Mysteries) (Volume 1)” by Glasscholar. It falls in the category of short story and mystery.

The time and place are 1995 and aboard a Naval ship. Our main character, Private Eye Brown Creeper, is aboard on a secret mission commissioned by the NCIS. People are being murdered in different ports. The constant is the ship Private Creeper is on. The killer is aboard and it is up to him to solve the crime. Is it a hate crime? That is what he is lead to believe as he scopes the men on board trying to find clues to narrow down his search.

It doesn’t help that a pretty doctor is on board who has caught his eye. Another murder may occur if Creeper doesn’t find the killer soon.

It didn’t take to long to read this short story. I did find some errors in the book and have mentioned this to the author. I wish the story had been longer so the plot could have been expanded a bit more which would have rounded out the piece even better for the overall story line is interesting enough for the reader to keep turning the pages. I wanted to know more about the characters which also made me keep turning the pages.

I was surprised with how the story suddenly ended. It seemed rushed in how we found out who was the murderer. But when I went back to reread the last few pages, I soften on that view.

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