“Pigeon Blood”


0ab8f2d915371a02e66f6fb6a9459c86305e8b8e-thumbThe book for review is “Pigeon Blood” by B.A.Braxton. It falls in the genre of drama and suspense.

Meet our main character, Dr. Vaughn. He is a dentist who happens to live on the streets. He no longer practices, his inability to stay off the sauce has cost him that. He has been making his way on the streets with the other homeless people, sleeping where he is able to and finding food at a local church that offers food to the less fortunate. He is a drunk and has no wish to sober up.

Entering an alley one particular day he sees a familiar face, a woman who was friends with him in another life. Only one slight problem. She is being murdered before his eyes. Hiding so he to won’t be killed he passes out awakening a few hours later wondering if what he witness was true or just a dream. Blackouts are not uncommon to him due to his love for liquor.

He makes his way to the funeral. An event that affects him more than people might expect. This was his friend. Someone he had a history with. Before you know it, he is on the case to figure out why she was killed and who the murderer is.

I really enjoyed this book. It kept my interest enough to where it didn’t take me long to finish it. If you like books in this genre this will be a good pickup. For you will want to know who the murderer is, why it happened and what will be done about it.

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