“Journey Into The Deep”


The book for review is “Journey into the Deep” by Gary Stanton III. This book falls into the genre of fantasy.

Our main character is Eli, a sea-captain and treasure hunter by trade. His crew is loyal and very capable of handling anything their captain tosses at them. Even when one of his crew brings aboard her teenage niece. But things take a turn when an emblem makes it way to the ship leading everyone to a new world beneath the waters.

Reaching a new world the scene before them is a total reversal of Civil War days. In this place the slaves are white and the owners are black. Monsters roam the waters and sects of people populate the culture, some in the jungle who have reverted to the old ways of their families of past. Will the crew stay and fight or will they try to make it back home topside?

The book dips into the subject of religion throughout. It was similar to the science fiction movies which involved adventure into other worlds.

This book was a quick read. I liked the general theme and plot of the book. However some things stuck out at me while I was reading this book. I noticed several misspelled words and also missed quotations. When it came to the overall book, I wish the author had showed me the actions of the characters instead of telling me the actions. By doing so it made the actions less fluid. Some of the characters were done well while others a little more work on them would have helped.

This book could have been nicely cleaned up if it had been run by a writers group or beta readers. If these issues are corrected it could be a good book with a higher rating.

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