“The Winter Creek Beast”



The-Winter-Creek-Beast-websiteThe book for review is “The Winter Creek Beast” by CP Bialois. It falls in the genre of thriller and fantasy.

The location is a small town, which could be any small town in the US. Something is killing the residents, something that doesn’t have the mannerisms of a local animal from the woods. The law sets out to find what exactly is the beast so they can hunt it down.

Sheriff Jay Lightfeather is the one tasked to do this job along with his deputies. Having little clues he visits his grandfather, Jacob, who is the oldest living member of Jay’s tribe. The two have a tense relationship but the sheriff needs advice on what to do. Could this be a beast that he learned about growing up with the lores his family talked about?

I thoroughly enjoyed this short book. There was a nice plot twist near the end that wrapped up the book nicely. My only con is that it was too short. This could have been developed into a nice size novel. In other words, I was sadden to see it end.

But a nice pick up for the price and a quick read.

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