“I’ll Be Seeing You”

illbeseeingyoumm250The book for review is “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Mary Higgins Clark. I would place this book in the genre of suspense.

Meet our main character Meghan Collins, she is a lawyer who changed careers to become a news reporter. An only child, she is raised with love and support. Her mother runs an inn that was built by her father while Meghan’s father is partner in a head hunting firm.

All is peachy until one night when Meghan comes face to face with a murdered victim who looks exactly like her. It doesn’t help that her father has died in a horrible bridge accident. But the troubles don’t end there. The cops think he is still alive and has faked his own death. With no body recovered and no death certificate released so the Collins can collect the life insurance the inn is in danger of being sold right underneath Meghan’s mom nose.

Strange occurrences start happening with a fax that looks that it has been signed by her father, flowers with sentiments from him and now an embryologist being not who she says she is. Who placed her with the clinic? Meghan’s father, that’s who.

This is my first Mary Higgins Clark book I have read. The suspense was definitely there and the pages were definitely being turned at a fast rate as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. It was a quick read and I really enjoyed it.

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