The book for review is ‘Trespassers” by Todd Wynn and Tim Wynn. This book falls in the genre of science fiction.

It is Stewart Faulkner’s job to find aliens. Those who jump protocol and visit Earth when their not suppose to. The Limestone Deposit Survey Group job is to keep the public from knowing about aliens and the ships they use to visit Earth.

Things go wrong when four who jumped their ship while Stewart is commondering it for the people he works for.

The ones in question are members of the Royal Expeditionary Amanda. Their job is to find one of their own, one who is now living among the humans on Earth. A small problem though. She has no memory of her previous life before Earth. They need to find her before Faulkner and his group does. The alternative is unthinkable.

I really loved the plot for this book. It was one I had not come across in my readings. The flow was excellent, the characters well-developed and the storyline wonderful. I read this book in two days and was sadden that it was done. I can’t say enough about this book. I have been telling my friends that they need to read this book.

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