“Child of Privilege”

Child of Privilege

The review for today is “ Child of Privilege” by Ross Ponderson.

To potential readers this book does contain some cursing and intense violence.

Meet Dana Van Werner, our main character. She lives with her parents in North Briarwood which is a place of high society and privilege. Dana and her mother wants for nothing. But what they truly need is love from the patriarch, Richard Van Werner.

To Richard, money and power is everything. How your family is raised, what they wear, what they do, everything comes back to how the family looks to others in their circle.

But behind closed doors of the perfect family is a man who controls his family and anything and anyone who gets in his way. Domestic violence reins between his wife Maggie and himself. When that isn’t enough he turns to Dana.

Having enough of the cruelty inflicted upon herself, Dana runs away. She manages to evade the PI that her dad has sent after her. It doesn’t look good for him that his daughter has left not to forget he is no longer in control of her. That has to be remedied as Dana continues to run, doing whatever she has to do to make sure she isn’t found.

Finding safety in Beckett Junction, Colorado at the hands of Greg Parmenter, a deputy sheriff. A man who she starts to have feelings for. But before she can live happily ever after she is spotted by one of her father’s cronies, she has to take off even if that means leaving Greg.

The storyline kept the pages turning. However there were pockets in the book where I could figure out what was going to happen. The characters were interesting and you were curious to see what was going to happen to them, whether you liked them or not. The subject matter was hard to read but it is an aspect of our world that is not pretty.

For the price, not a bad pick up.

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