“Legacy of Fear”


The book for review is “Legacy of Fear” by Ryshia Kennie. It falls in the genre of mystery with romance tossed in.

The setting is Honk King. Andra, a young woman who now lives here gets the shock of her life when she finds her neighbor across the hall dead. Did they mean to get Andra?

Arriving on the seen is Max, a linguist who is trying to solve a puzzle that has landed in his lap in the form of a doll with the message, “Find my heart. Find my girl.” Why is he set to locate Andra? He needs her to crack the code of the message and the reason why it was set to him.

This starts off the pair in finding a mythical village that is run by and populated strictly by women. They need to learn a lost language to solve this mystery. Toss in men who are after you at ever turn, the plight of our characters just intensifies.

I do have one part of the book that left me flat. This is not a big book. I get the fact that Max and Andra who start off as friends start to like each other to where they get romantic. While I am not someone who likes reading romance in a book, if it is done in the right amount I am okay with this. The amount of scenes where we saw these characters expressing their feelings for each other and their interludes to me was too much and less would have been just as effective and the point would have been made just as well. I wanted to get on to the mystery and not turn a page and yet again see them being lovey toward each other.

This was a quick read, and you could easily read it in a short time. I loved the story line of the village, language and how it was all tied into a doll that was delivered to Max. That really was fun to read. Overall, this is a good read and for the price you truly can’t go wrong.

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