“The Bitch”


The book for review is “The Bitch” by Les Edgerton. I would categorize this book into the genre of action and drama.

Ex-con Jake Bishop has settled down, married and is expecting his first child. The last thing he wants is to go back to jail. He already has two strike, a third and he won’t be coming back home.

Jake works at a hair salon and is making plans to start his own store. Life is going well, almost too well. One day, his old cell mate contacts him asking for a favor. Jake owes him, Spitball saved his life in the joint, and feels obligated to help. Still Jake struggles with paying back the man back regardless of the promise that the job is easy and will be a piece of cake.

That should have been a red flag for our ex-con. It is only when Spitball tells his boss of Jake’s expertise and other colorful stories does the crap hit the fan.

Soon Jake is lying to his wife, his brother lands in jail and the dead bodies are piling up. How can he returns to his life before the contact? And can he?

I read Mr. Edgerton’s book, Hook and you will see earmarks, highlighted passages and notes written in ink in my copy. To read “The Bitch” blew me away. I read it in two days. The pace was amazing, the character development on target and his hook, I could only be so lucky to come up with a hook like he does.

If you want to get away and escape into a great book, put this on your TBR list.

Job well done.

Side note: I met Les at a recent writer’s conference and he was such a personable man. It was nice to hang out with him.

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