“Spirits of Vengeance:The Stone of Spirits”

Spirits_of_Vengeance_295x160_acf_croppedThe book for review is “Spirits of Vengeance:The Stone of Spirits” by Andrew John Rainnie. It falls in the genre of fantasy.

What does two tree elves, a Ishkava Ranger, a priest and a cyclop have in common? War.

Two of the main characters are Kamina and Kaedin, two elves who now live in the trees and forest where their kind now resides, leaving the comforts of towns and the humans. But their world changes when a Ranger by the name of Callaghan Tor crosses their path. Their lives are interrupted as they start a journey to save their home.

How can they do so? It starts with the ancient Stone of Spirits which with its powers will prevent the total destruction of the world as they know it. Who would want to destruct the world? Malenek and his army. But not just any army, one whose members are the dead.

Their path cover the many terrain of their world, from the sea to the desert and all the many places in between. This is not a quest for the weak at heart and mind. There will be death, many to occur before the band of fighters can begin to fight for their world and the world of their family and friends.

There are many characters in this book, one that is rather lengthy. Yet even though it is a novel that has many pages, it does not stop you from turning them as you want to know what is on the other side, as you want to know what is going to happen to your now favorite character.

I did enjoy this book and I am not one who picks up fantasy to ready for a good read. One really gets their money worth when they purchase this book.

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