“Shadow of the Raven”


The book for review is “Shadow of the Raven” by Millie Thom. It falls into the genre of historical fiction.

The time frame is the ninth century in Europe. It is the age of the Vikings, a group know for their fierceness and ruthlessness when they raid. Nothing is sacred or safe. They have their eyes on England and everything in between and nothing will get in their way. They have Odin on their side and they will prevail. You will read about Rorik, Ragnar and Bjorn who are players who will plow forth to plunder at all cost for their village.

On the other side we have Beorthtulf, King of Mercia, and his proud family as they get ready to defend their land and honor from the Danes and those around them. In Wessex we have Aethelulf, an aging ruler who is firm but fair to his people

We learn in good detail about Wessex, Francia, Mercia and the Danish lands and the people within.This book dives into a few families as we read more about them and the dynamics within and how they are effected by the other.

But the Vikings are not the only ones our heroes need to worry about.

I truly loved this book. What helped was a list of cast members in the front of the book. For me this is plus. I love Vikings so eagerly read this. The pace was really good for it didn’t take me long to read as the pages flew. The characters were well drawn out and the plots as well. This author did a marvelous job of planning this book in the detail that she did. I am so happy she asked me to review it.


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