ResizeImageHandler.ashxThe book for review is “Vengeance” by Cody Clark. It falls in the genre of spiritual fiction.

This short novel is broken up into two plots. One is in heaven while the other on earth. It starts off with a great battle being fought between demons and angels as casualties start to pile up on both sides. The angels need help and need it fast for their forces are dwindling as they make their last stand. They can’t give up though, they must keep fighting.

On Earth you have a man, Roy Sullivan, whose son was murdered years ago. But it still haunts him as he ponders about his son. He wants revenge, that is what it will take to heal the emptiness in his heart. His relationship with his best friend has faltered as Roy hasn’t come to grips with the lost of his son. He is torn on the inside as different emotions plaque him. The only clear solution in his mind is to kill the man responsible for his son’s murder. But is this what his son would want? Would this bring the dad closure that he so desperately needs?

This book bounces between the two plot lines as the story lines progresses. This by the way is done well by the author. Although short, this book takes a good look at what truly goes on inside the head of a parent whose child has been murdered. It’s an amazing story of forgiveness. This book is unique in the fact that it goes back and forth between what’s happening on earth, and the spiritual battle that is ongoing between the angels and the demons. It will make you think about what really goes on in the spiritual realm, something most of don’t really think about. All in all, a book well worth reading!

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2 Responses to “Vengeance”

  1. commcode says:

    I want to say “thank you” for reading my book and posting your review on it. It means a lot that you took the time and chose my book. I really appreciate your encouraging and honest feedback.

    Cody Clark

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