“Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend”

indexMy review for today is for the novel “Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend” by Matthew Dicks.

Max is not your every day run of the mill third grader. His imagination is amazing but one he keeps to himself and of course Budo, his imaginary friend. Budo helps Max on a daily basis where others can not. His own parents are not sure how to relate to him. His father is in denial while his mother wants to bring Max to the doctor to see what is wrong with him. Max is different though we are never told specifically what is going on with him.

Max doesn’t have a lot of friends, is a loner and is quite happy being alone. While Budo on the other hand travels to the local shops and even the hospital to learn about what is around him. He even encounters other imaginary friends.

From Budo’s viewpoint the book takes you on an adventure of Max’s life and how he deals with it, even when Max is kidnapped by one of his own teachers. It is up to Budo to save Max, even if that means he will die from it. What happens to imaginary friends when they die is something Budo thinks of often but he needs to overcome that obstacle before it is too late.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I haven’t read anything quite like it. The book took you on an amazing ride on what it is like to have a child with autism. You grew to care for the characters in the book as they came across obstacles and danger that had to be figured out if they are to make it. It made me happy, sad and mad from beginning to end as it drew me in wanting to know what was going to happen. Well done Mr. Dicks, well done.

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