The book for review is “Timeline” by Michael Crichton. It falls in the genre of science fiction with time travel for good measures.

We start off with a couple that finds a man walking in the middle of a desert. He looks confused and is speaking gibberish. Taking him to the local hospital the man dies soon afterwards. Little is known about this man or how he came about wandering aimlessly. Adding to the mystery, the company the man works for disposes of him rather quickly.

The local law enforcement tries to unravel the mystery by investigating the company but gets nowhere. Meanwhile an archaeologist is leading an expedition by the same company overseas. During an exploration of the ruins team members come across a message from their boss. The same man who left on business back home with the company. Only thing is the message is asking for help. The note is authenticated. It is not from present day.

A plan is hatch to save the professor. The team is to go back in time to save him. They have exactly 37 hours to complete this mission. They have to dress, talk and act like the people from the time frame they are heading to. This bunch of scientist and experts of many disciplines have one shot at saving the day.

And oh by the way, once they arrive at the time and place, the device that sent them there gets destroyed.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. This is the first time I have read one of Crichton’s books. The pages definitely kept turning as my interest wavered little. The times it did was during the explanation of the science behind the time travel. That is when it did slow me down a bit. The characters were well written as well as the detailed description of the area.


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