“Whispering Willows”


The review for today is “Whispering Willows” by Lauren Boehm Lynch. The book falls in the genre of fiction and fantasy.

Alivia is on her way to spend the summer with her Nana, her grandmother on her mother’s side. She is about to graduate from high school and is ready to fly. Growing up, Alivia has always enjoyed spending time with Nana, as the kindly old woman would tell her stories from a book, each time the book evolving and updating.

Her parents are deadbeats, refusing to find work due to the fact Nana sends them a monthly check. So when their daughter requested to spend the whole summer away, they agree.

This vacation is different. She will get to spend the whole summer with her grandmother. But that isn’t all. Nana has a secret. One that will change Alivia’s entire view of her life and her grandparents.

Brace yourself for a new world layered in secrets and one that is different from our own.

I truly enjoyed this book. It was a quick read but it kept my attention as the scenes developed before me. You quickly got involved with the characters as you read the book.



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