“Dory’s Avengers”


The review for today is “Dory’s Avengers” by Alison Jack.

Imagine a place where your choices are few and your freedoms limited by a corporation. A company that makes sure that if you don’t become a sponsor, it won’t bode well for you. The setting is London, England. The company is run by William St. Benedict who has come up with the Sponsorship Scheme. One that people are flocking to be a part off. It makes him and his company millions as people far and wide flock to his presence. It doesn’t hurt he is a charming man.

What people don’t know is upstairs hidden away is his son Theo who is being beaten excessively for defying the scheme. Those who don’t join up are considered second class citizens who get to do the work that the upper-class people don’t do.

But there is discontentment with those who refuse to bow down and get sponsored. And the numbers are growing. Especially in the village of Applethwaite which is home to one of the member of the Sponsor’s scheme. It is a quiet place and they are pretty much left alone until one day Theo makes contact with his best friend who lives in this village. H doesn’t use a computer, telephone, text or letter. He mentally sends out thoughts in hopes his friend will hear and understand.

What happens next is Applethwaite residents plotting to break Theo out and take down the scheme bit by bit until every one is free from sponsorship.

I enjoyed this book very much. It kept my interest. The characters were many, but I didn’t need to list them down to keep track off, so that was big for me. The description was well done. There is a bit of cursing in this book. The two main characters, Theo and Louis, while I liked a lot in the beginning, they started to irk me near the end. But not every character is mean to be liked throughout, regardless if they are a major or minor player. I bonded with some of the characters.


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