“Life Behind The Wall”


The book for review is “Life Behind The Wall” by Robert Elmer. It falls in the genre of juvenile fiction.

This novel includes three sections that all interconnect. The first one is entitled “Candy Bomber, the second is “Beetle Bunker” and the last is “Smuggler’s Treasure.” The premise of the book is based on a family, that stretches three generations, living in Germany before and after the wall is built

It starts off with Erich, a young man living with his mother and sister in Berlin. The small family is trying to survive the aftermath of WW2. The devastation of the city is present in every where they go from the buildings, the rumbles and shortage of supplies across the city. This portion of the book dives into their lives bringing us the reader into what it was like during this time in our history and when the occupants had to deal with Russian control.

Second section brings us to the wall being built. Sabine, our main character and half-sister of Erich, discovers a bunker. One that could be used to dig a tunnel underneath the wall. It doesn’t take long before a group of young men and women try to do so, being careful to not let the Russian authority know their activities. There is discontent between the people as many who protest are arrested.

The last section we meet Lisel, the niece of Erich. The year is 1989. She is working on a project for school on the history of the wall. Lisel doesn’t want to do just any report that everyone else will be writing, which is just the facts. She wants to do more. But the more she digs, the more information comes to light about her family around her and ones she didn’t know existed.

I really enjoyed this book. While it is geared for juveniles, all ages could easily enjoy it. One could identify with the characters and the scene being played out before us. I read the book within days, a true page turning.


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