“Friend’s Choice” Romance and Tears”


The short book for review today is “Friend’s Choice: Romance and Tears” by Tunmbi Olaleye. I am uncertain as to what genre it falls into but would place it in drama.

Our main character is Reba who is a high school teacher. The story begins with Reba loaning her boyfriend, Jose, a large amount of money for him to start a business. Leaving for China he informs her he will call shortly to let her know how it goes. He never does. What he does in fact is scam her of the money she placed in his hands in good faith. Stumbling from this betrayal she leans on her two friends.

In time she hooks up with a party kind guy James who is into drugs. Convincing her it would be okay to try, Reba soon is out of control. It costs her the job she loves as a teacher. But wait, it doesn’t end there. The book is under a hundred pages so don’t want to give anything away.

Some of the paragraphs I had problems with the flow due to the misuse of words. I saw quite a bit of description where it seemed the author was trying to describe too much. If they had stuck to simpler descriptions it would have helped the storyline and moved the story along better.

Now that I have said this, I thought the plots of this short novel had a lot of potential. I wish the author had made it a bit longer so the characters could have been developed more and the plots more drawn out. For it has the goods, but as a reader we are only given a snippet of it. This is one of those books where I wish they had a half rating system for it is not quite a four but it is definitely not a three.


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