“Heritage of Deceit”


The short story for today is “Heritage of Deceit” by Graham Downs.

Our main character is Lloyd. While checking online while at work, he believes he has found a treasure from the past, a ring with an evil past. One that could be worth a lot of money. But it is not just about the money but the fact it would give people closure on a past that has haunted them.

Why is he so interested? One of his coworkers has a ring, one that looks very much like the one from the picture he has found. The problem is she never takes off the ring. According to her it is an heirloom so it is very near and dear to her. The trick now is to somehow get the ring from her.

This was a delightful short read. It was quick but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept on reading, wanting to know what happened, how the story was going to end. My only ding to this story is that I wish it had been longer so the story could have shined more.

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