“One Realm Beyond”


The book for review is “One Realm Beyond” by Donita K. Paul. It falls into the genre of teen fiction and fantasy.

Our main character is Cantor D’ ahma. He is a young man who has been groomed by his mentor to be a realm walker. This is someone who can travel between worlds. His job is to protect and defend the realms that are present.

Saying good-bye to Ahma and Odem, his mentors and the only family he has known, he enters a new world. Upon doing so he immediate encounters a dragon, Bridger, who believes he is Cantor’s constant. Bridgar, a clumsy dragon but loyal, is determined to help Cantor through his trials even if he is the cause of some of the turmoil. Cantor refuses to accept this dragon, the first animal he comes across, as he wants to check out more before he settles.

He soon meets new friends who will help him on his journey. Which is good since the world he has walked into is in disarray. The people in charge are corrupt and crime is rampant throughout leaving the people very much afraid. It is not as easy to be a realm walker. He must start training to learn what it takes to be successful. Dukmeer, his trainer, soon makes his appearance and starts Cantor in the right direction

Anxious to return home to see his mentors and catch up on what is going on, he finds them missing with no clue of where they have gone or if they are even alive. They must be found.

I absolutely loved this book. I was hooked immediately as I couldn’t put the book down. It took you on an adventure of a lifetime. If you like dragons, new worlds and fantasy this is a good pickup to read. I will be recommending this book to others. It is volume one in a series. I’m excited for the next one.

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