“The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain”


The book for review is “The Secret Diary of Sarah Chamberlain” by Sarah Norkus. This book falls in the genre of fiction, Christian and fantasy.

It’s 2008 and our main character is Emily Grace, or Em to her friends and family. She helps her mother clean and take care of the local historical society house. Being told what chores she is required to do one day, Em accidentally finds a hidden compartment in the upper floor of the building that holds a diary. It belongs to Sarah Chamberlain from the time frame of the Civil War. Em eagerly reads the book from beginning to end as the contents within captivates her. Soon she bonds to the characters inside the diary as she feels the pain of Sarah, a young wife, who loses her husband a short five years after marriage.

But it doesn’t end there. One day while helping her mom at the house she starts to get dizzy. When she wakes up all that she knows is no longer. Her family, friends and way of life are gone. What she soon learns is that she has traveled back in time. But not just any spot in history. She is now with Sarah and her household. Her husband has not been killed yet. Any memory of her life is gone.

Sarah, a kind-hearted young woman, takes care of Emily in hopes she will recover. Em soon gets bits and pieces of her memory back as she slowly realize there is still time to save Sarah’s husband before it is too late.

A friend of mine recommended this book rather highly. I did enjoy it. The pace was good and it was a quick read. The descriptions of the characters were nicely done. There were few lulls in the story line. A nice pick up.

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