“Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek”


The book for review is “ Riley Mae and the Rock Shocker Trek” by Jill Osborne. It falls into the genre of juvenile fiction, religious, Christian and general.

Riley Mae is your typical 12-year-old girl who loves her family, friends and softball. While at work with her dad she is approached by one of his clients, Swiftriver Shoe Company, to be their spokesperson for their line of sports sneakers. She gets to keep all the shoes she promotes while she will be in commercials and promotional gigs. The family wrestles between the good and bad of what this will do to her and their family lives. Deciding to go for it, Riley starts her new career. There is a huge problem though, it will interfere with her playing softball with her best friends. Something that consumes her.

It doesn’t help that something isn’t right with her employer as secrets are discovered and must be kept. She is locked into her contract, a fact her parents remind her enough times.

The book had some spiritualness sprinkled throughout the book. It was not over done and I felt the author did a good job in placing them where she did. However the plot of the story seemed a little weak. The set up for what was going on and how it was solved was not introduced as soon as I would have liked it. I was midway through the book and I wondered when would I see action or the action that would propel me to like the characters and how the evolved at the end of the book. I just felt it needed more umph , more meat to the story line to make it a better read.

The characters are likeable and I love how the family unit was portrayed in this book. The age group that this is geared for will like this book for it has the elements that is needed.



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