“Rosi’s Castle”



The review for today is “Rosi’s Castle” by Edward Eaton. It falls into the genre of YA, paranormal and mystery.

Our main character is Rosi Carol, who has recently become orphaned, is sent to live with her uncle in a small town in New Hampshire. She is accustomed to the big city. She doesn’t fit in the huge house of her uncle’s or the new town. She hates being here, this is not her home. The kids at her new school avoid her like the plaque due to her last name being Carol. She does make two friends who help her cope with being the new girl in town.

It doesn’t help when she visits shops in the area and people make remarks as if they know her, as if she has been here before. But how could that be? She’s never been here before. Her uncle, a rich man, pays her little attention but he makes sure her basic needs are met.

It is when she starts digging into the history of the town, that things start to happen to Rosi. Something doesn’t feel right but she can’t put her finger on it, and with little help from her uncle and the people she comes across, she strikes out to figure it all out. She needs to know of the visions that are filling her head. Are these people real? Is she losing her mind? Why won’t anyone tell her what is going on?

It only gets worse when she meets a reporter who appears to know what is going on. Only one problem though. No one can see him but her. Her friends think she is losing it when she is seen talking to herself. She must find the answers to this mystery.

At first I was a bit confused with the story line as I did not quite get what the dreams were meaning. It took me a little while to understand what was going on. But once I did, I enjoyed it very much. I wish the plot had been introduced sooner via the dreams. It would have made me enjoy the read even more so. As someone who reads YA a lot, I feel this would be a good read for the age it is intended. The pace was good, even when I was a bit confused.


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