“The City Center”


The book for review is “The City Center” by Simone Pond. The book falls in the genre of Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction.

The book is set in the 21st century in City Center which is located in Los Angeles. Our world is no longer as we know it. Humans have destroyed our world and way of life. A group of elites saves the day. But at what cost? Ninety percent of the population have been killed off. It is now between the haves and have-nots. City Center houses the privilege while those outside the walls suffer. The outsiders are considered terrorists and unworthy, all lies by the elites that run City Center.

Our main character, Ava Rhodes, is one of the potential successors to becoming the Queen, her partner, James, the next King.

To decide among the contestants who will rule at what level involves competition. One these young adults have been training for their whole lives. At 18 it is time to determine who will be come the next King and Queen. Where they will reign for 18 years after which they will retire to a land of luxury.

A week before graduation, a terrorist, Joseph, from the outside breaks into City Center. His goal is to let the people know the real truth of what is truly going on outside and inside the walls. He comes across Ava who happens to be visiting her friend. Things take a turn when Ava decides to escape with Joseph back to his home. Something that could potentially could cost her life and disrupt all that she knows of her home.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it within two days. The pace was amazing, the characters were wonderful as you were able to bond with them in the book. The book did in the beginning remind me of the “Hunger Games.” Just a bit mind you as the book took off in a direction all on its own. This is a great read.

I received this book for free in exchanged for an honest review



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