The review for today is “Distortion” by Terri Blackstock. The book falls in the genre of fiction, Christian and suspense.

Juliet Cole’s husband, Bob, has been murdered in front of her eyes. But why and who would want him dead? Bob is a doctor with ties to the community, the church, and his family. Everyone loves Bob. But yet he is dead. Juliet, a PI on the side, needs to find the answers to the many questions that are forming in her head. Especially when a phone message threatens not only her sons but their way of life.

She has help though through her sisters who are PI’s and know how to seek out what is really going on. The family dynamics is sweet as everyone circles the wagon to solve the mystery. Which is a good thing for the deeper they dig the more explosive the plot gets. This book does have a hint of spiritual belief in it as bits and pieces are sprinkled throughout the book.

I thoroughly loved this book. The pace was amazing as the pages were constantly being turned. I didn’t want to put the book down. It kept my interest. The reader really didn’t get a full development of the characters in this book. This is something I like to see so I can envision the storyline. But how the author wrote it out worked for me. I didn’t need to know a full bio to enjoy it.

This is volume two of The Moonlighters series but the book can easily stand along. You are given enough, without it being to much, in this book to catch up on what went on in the first volume.

If you want a quick read that has a hint of romance, suspense and mystery this will be a good pick up.


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