“Lost Love Letters”

indexThe book review for today is “Lost Love Letters: An Indie Chicks Anthology” by a collection of various authors.

As the title states, it is an anthology of lost love letters. Those letters that are never sent to the intended party. The book contain letter to children, mothers, boyfriends, girlfriends and the likes. To those who touched our lives and are no longer with us for whatever reasons, this book is for you.

But the beauty of this book are the stories that came forth from the array of authors that contributed to this book. They wrote love letters that they would not send or could send to those it was dedicated to. It gave them a chance to individually to pour out their hearts and the love they felt for the person their letter is address to. It gives them a chance to say all they ever wanted to say but just never could. A chance to cleanse oneself in a letter to someone else.

I loved this concept. Who doesn’t have a person in their lives that they wish they had said something but held back? I know I do. In fact more than one person falls in this category for me. Some of the stories will make you tear up but the common thread is the deep love that one can read through the written words of this book.

This book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review by one of the authors. It is a delight and quick read that will make you smile and laugh and all in between.

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