The book for review is “Aquifer” by Jonathan Friesen. The genre is teen fiction and it is based in the future.

It is the year 2250. You are no longer allowed to feel and any expression of art is not allowed. You could become undone. The world is not as we know it. Water is not as available to the people of this world. The Council are the ones in charge and they dictate the punishment for those who go against the rules.

Water has been found, unfortunately it is beneath their feet. Humans tunneled deep into the earth and mine the water. Deciding to stay underneath they bring their families down with them. Soon as the years go by, they are no longer recognizable as humans due to the conditions underneath. They are now known as the Rats who broker a deal with the Toppers for water. Once a year the Deliverer travels down with light rods for the Rats in exchange for water.

I enjoyed this book. The pace was overall really good, though it had some spots where it was slow and dragged on. I liked the way this new world was present. One could visualize it. However I could not get on the same page as Luca’s love interest, Talya. Her personality was just not believable to me. At times she was just annoying. The voice Luca kept hearing throughout the book was incredibly helpful to him. I was lead to believe this was from a higher being though it is never clearly stated where it came from. I would have liked to have been told definitely what it was. The ending seemed to have been wrapped up quite quickly for my own taste.

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