“Tillie And The Golden Phantom”


The book for review is “Tillie And The Golden Phantom” by Heather B. Moon. The genre is adventure and the age group is 7-12 years old.

Our main character is Tillie a child who is fascinated by horses. She even sneaks away to the nearby stable, where lessons are conducted, just to be around them. It helps with the loneliness of being the new girl at her school. It isn’t easy making friends especially when the witches, as Tillie calls them, start picking on her. To make matter worse, they take lesson at the very same stable that Tillie visits.

If things couldn’t get any worse she sees a horse one night in her back yard. But this is not your ordinary horse. It’s a ghost. One that is trying to tell her something. She takes it upon herself to find out what that is and to fix it if she can. Little does the girl know it would mean time travel.

This is a wonderful book for children. When one writes in this genre certain rules need to apply. For example when it comes to the dialogue one must use the words that is believable. One also must have the ups and downs occur to the main character like in any other genre. This author did a great job in doing so.

The cover was illustrated by the author herself and I truly enjoy it as well as I did in reading this book. The fact that this book is a series makes me excited to read the next one in line. Children will certainly get caught up in the fantasy of this book and want more.

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