The Carousel Pony

Best Final Pony copyThe review for today is “ The Carousel Pony” by Judith Victoria Douglas. It’s a children’s picture book.

Sadie, our main character, is a littler girl who wishes for a pony of her own. Since that is not an option, her daddy takes her to a local carousel exhibit. There Sadie sees many lovely and interesting ponies.

Placing her on one particular pony, her father starts taking pictures. He has been hired to take photos of various carousels and ponies for a brochure to be handed out prior to the grand opening. When a particular pony winks at her she is amazed. But it only gets better when upon riding him the animal whispers to her. The adventure takes off from there.

This was a small delightful book with lovely pictures for the children to enjoy while reading this book or if it was being read to them. A good book to share with your child or grandchild that will enhance their imagination.

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