The Demon Rolmar


The book for review is “The Demon Rolmar” by A.V. Griffin. The genre is science fiction and fantasy.

Enter our main character, Rolmar, an overlord demon from Pentar. His job , along with two other demons, is to destroy planets. The ones marked are the ones that show little potential or promise. Once the planets have been chosen each overlord visits the land to see if it is at all redeemable or not.

He is a powerful demon who can materialize things he wants and destroys what he doesn’t. He is an imposing one that towers over the others. He can’t be bothered to be with his own kind as he retreats to the comfort of his dwelling. He enjoys his task of removing the world of imperfections of other regions. He lives for it.

Rolmar planet is Earth. Descending he comes across a variety of humans, some that prove cause they should be destroyed. Disguising as a human in various forms his body starts to be filled with emotions. Once he never had before and does not totally understand. And this stems from his interaction of humans who touch his inner soul, or his version of it. He prepares to save certain ones from annihilation for they have proven to be savable. But how about the entire world must it be destroyed?

I loved the plots that were developed inside of it. However I wish the book had been a tad linger. For while the plots were nice they at times left you wanting more which could have been accomplished in a longer piece of work. The dialogue of the children I did not believe to be plausible considering the ages they were. I liked the ending but again it would have worked better if the piece had been longer instead of just wrapping it up quickly.

Now that I have said that, I did enjoy the read and see potential if the author wants to expand on this. You can’t go wrong for a quick read.

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