“Dateline Jerusalem”

81h3CYYdxgL._SL1500_The book up for review is “Dateline Jerusalem” by Chris Mitchell. It falls in the genre of religion, Christian life and general.

Chris Mitchell is a reporter for CBN News and is stationed in the Middle East. He has lived there long enough t o have first account knowledge of the ups and downs of the countries in this area. The book starts off with him being in Egypt and the revolution going on between protesters and Mubarak’s regime. They want him gone at all cost. Mitchell goes into detail the horror and devastation that occurs during this time frame in history.

But he doesn’t stop there. He details incidents occurring with his time in Turkey, Israel and many other countries. A new order is being pushed to the fore front. While some may have seen this coming not all have. Our author compares throughout the book events to prophecies that are written in the Bible.

All roads lead to Rome but in this book all roads lead to Jerusalem. Israel ever since its statehood has been under fire from the countries that surround it but it has survived at a high cost.

As a reader who loves to read topics mentioned in the book I was pleasantly pleased. It knitted together gaps in my knowledge of the region and the people living and creating the turmoil. The book’s pace was off and on for me though. There were some places that it dragged on to the point it was just dry. Some of the material could have been left out and the point would have still be made clear.

Overall though this was a good read and well written from a person who has been in the trenches in one of the most critical places in our world.


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