“The Mark”

51QhcX6XHXLThe book for review is “The Mark” by Jason Pinter. The genre is action, adventure and a bit of drama.

Our main character, Henry Parker, is a journalist. He has just landed his dream job at the New York Gazette. Not only is it his place of employment but his idol works there, Jack O’Donnell. A man who was a legend in his own mind and others but it was well-earned. In a short time of working Henry gets a break, to work with Jack. All Henry has to do is get an interview from a source that Jack is working with. Simple, right?

Things go terribly wrong ending up in a man being killed and Henry being blamed for the murder. It does not help matters that the dead man is a cop. The whole city is looking for him. On the run Henry tries to piece together where it all went wrong and how to vindicate himself. With the help of a stranger the two embark on a wild ride.

On my shelf you will find King, Christie, Patterson and Little. I been looking for a “new” author to start reading. Coming across Pinter the back cover made me curious enough to get the book and read it from beginning to end. I am glad I did. Considering this is Mr. Pinter’s first novel is amazing in itself. The pace was great, it slowed down only enough for you to catch your breath and then it picked up again. A great read and I have already purchased the second book with high anticipation.

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