“Dear Mr. Knightley”


The book review for today is “Dear Mr. Knightley” by Katherine Reay. The genre is fiction, Christian and general.

Our main character is Sam who was raised in foster homes until the age of 15 when she arrives at Grace House which is run by Father John. She has had a trouble past and keeps to herself refusing to let anyone in. Her friends are her books, her favorite Austen, Dickens to Shakespeare. They are her comfort, her family and where she turns to when she is cornered. Even if it means quoting portions of the book in conversation. A trait that is not always appreciated by the people she does it to.

At 23 she is a college graduate and has just lost her job. Sam can’t stay at Grace House forever, it has its limitation on who can stay. Trying to figure out what to do with her life, Father John approaches her with an opportunity of a life time. An anonymous benefactor has approached him with a deal of a lifetime. She will be able to attend graduate school fully funded under the foundation he runs. There are stipulations though. She must pursue a degree in journalism and she has to write him letters detailing her progress along the way. That’s it.

I did like the format of it being a journal. How she retreated to him as a friend. She did not have to justify to him for he rarely replied. She could lean and confide in him unlike the people she knew in her life.

There were times the pace was a little slow for me. Fortunately that did not happen to much. Also I wish she would stop quoting every single time she felt trapped. This is a part of her character but a tad less would have been nice.

Overall the book was a really nice read.


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