“The Circus”


The review for today is “The Circus” by Bob Joswick. The genre would be mystery and suspense.

The list of characters in this book ranges far and wide. You have your retired soldiers, Japanese Americans, a lady with a prosthetic foot to a dwarf. This is not your everyday circus. In fact that’s just a front for the plot of this story. Enter Sam and Doc, two friends who get free tickets to the circus. It has your clowns and animals but that’s not all. Free is not always in you favor.

This story catapults you back into history after WWII. The setting is California and Pennsylvania. The time when Japanese Americans were herded into camps for the protection of the United States. When they had to leave all they had behind, only bringing what they could carry, only to lose everything.

Gold. The one word that makes people do things they normally never would under normal circumstances. Only problem is the soldiers who stole it from a certain Japanese family have been swindled and the gold has been buried elsewhere.

As a reader you wonder how each character can be intertwine with the main plot but the author has masterfully done just that. To the end of the book you really are not sure who are the goods guys or the bad guys. But be careful. The person you are rooting for may very well be not who you think they are.

This author has done his homework when it came to researching this book. This is a really good read.

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