“The Church Builder”

The book for review is “The Church Builder” by A.L. Shields. It falls into the genres of fiction, Christian and suspense.

Over the centuries good versus evil has been fought. Each side believing their right The Garden and the Wilderness are their names with members in high places and very prominent as well.

Enter Bethany Barclay, a lawyer by profession, who simply does a will for a woman. An ordinary part of her job. What she does not know is events have been set in motion with her in mind. She is about to encounter the ride of her life and for her life. Her best friend, Annabelle has died but it was no accident. She had been an agent for the Garden. Now they have set their sights on Bethany.

Finding a dead body in her home, someone she knew, Bethany is on the run. With just her wits about her she picks up the trail of her friend Annabelle in hopes of finding out who killed her. And hopefully Bethany can prove her own innocent in the process.

The Pilot Stone is what the fuss is about. A piece of history that can prove or disprove Christianity. Both sides want it and are willing to do whatever it takes to obtain it. Even if that means collateral damage on the side.

I truly enjoyed this book. It hooked me from the beginning. The pace was good though slow in some parts The suspense done with just the right amount of flavor that it kept the pages turning. The details were really good. However some sections it was not really necessary. I didn’t like how it ended. However this is going to be a series so that would explain why the author chose to finish the book the way he did.

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