“The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man!”

The book up for review is, “The Reporter and The Girl MINUS The Super Man!” by S. C. Rhyne

The genre of this book is fiction and romance. I have to mention that this book does contain in spots excessive cursing as well as in-depth sexual contents. If you have no problem with either then please continue.

Our main character, Sabrien, is a young woman in her 20’s living in New York City. She has registered for an online dating service. It does not take long for her profile to get some hits as different men offer to take her out. The one that she homes in on goes by the name of Jon who also lives in her area.

They differ in a few ways. He is younger than her. Her roots are from the Caribbean while he is home-grown in the U.S. She lives alone while he has a roommate. Sparks flies between the two as things between them heat up sexually. There is only one problem. Jon. His immaturity and inability to communicate his feelings and actions causes ripples between the couple.

Is he using her for sex or does he really care for her is an idea Sabien tosses back and forth in her mind.

This book is intense when it comes to the sexual content and emotional roller coaster ride these two experience while dating. You truly do not know how it is going to end until you read the last chapter.

A really good job for first time author Ms. Rhyne. This book has not yet been released but will be soon in November 2013.

You can find Ms. Rhyne at these links.



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