“Through the Barrier”

The book for review is “Through the Barrier” by Angela MacDonald. It falls into the genre of fantasy and supernatural. It is part of a series.

A group of travelers are shipwrecked on an unfamiliar island. The group reminds me of The Hobbit in the sense that they are like a mixed bag of nuts. Each character is unique and probably would not associate with their shipmates under normal conditions. The island is described as being warped. Nothing is what it seems as the people band together and start on a journey across the land in hopes of finding a way to survive.

You find the travellers already desolated as they ponder what to do next and where to go. They are headed by a man named Shannon. A unlikable fellow as least to most of the people he leads. He has powers some of which they know about others not so much.

The book gives a prologue to help the reader get a quick overview of the history that has fallen the land. Also in the back is a glossary and appendix. My only small complaint is I wish I had known about this prior to reading. There were times I got confused by terminology due to not remembering some part of the passage. So for anyone reading this book it is there in the back for our benefit.

The characters are well-developed as we learn more about them with each trial they come across. The book started out slow for me. But this is because I don’t normally read this genre as a norm. But it does pick up nicely as the small group work their way across the land.

The descriptions are well thought out and written. A good read for those who love fantasy.

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