“Deadly Descent”

The book up for review is “Deadly Descent” by R.G. Porter. It falls into the genre of horror and thriller.

The scene: Mariana Trench

Scientists are exploring out of a state of the art facility. Coming across a discovery of an unknown plant the team is excited as examples are brought back to the lab. That is the last time anyone is thrilled.

Dr. Victoria Cutter has been invited, by one of the team doctors, to come help with the process. Feeling something great on the horizon she accepts and arrives at the facility. Just in time to witness things go horribly wrong. By her side is John, the man who has taken her down in the small sub.

What they encounter blows their minds. Men that refuse to stay dead. How did this happen? Is the new discovery to blame for the chaos that is running amuck? No time can be wasted as it is spreading and fast.

The author got me on page one. The hook was dead on perfect. It was a quick read for I needed to know what was going to happen on the next page. It is an in your face, hold no punch kind of adventure that makes you root for the characters in the book. I simply loved it. The ending is well-played if you are the author. For the readers not so much.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book

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