“How To Get Your Private Pilot’s License”

 The book up for review is “How To Get Your Private Pilot’s License” by Joe Schenady.

This is a small book that gives information on how to obtain one’s own pilot license. The author took the opportunity to get some flying lessons. What she learned was invaluable.

Chapter 1 talks about the requirements needed, the hours involved, the study and training that goes into preparing for one’s own pilot license.

Chapter 2 dives into schools and programs available.

Chapter 3 brings up what you can do with a license and what planes you can fly.

Chapter 4 brings up what most people are curious about. Also mentions what is the going salary and where the jobs are located.

Chapter 5 talks about ways to advance in this field.

I love to fly though I am not a pilot. I have always been curious what goes into the steps of obtaining one’s pilot license. This is a brief book but it really gives you a good understand of what you have ahead of you if you want to pursue a license to fly. There are so many small airports across the United States. One could easily be near you. So if you are curious about what it takes without being dragged into a lot of jargon this is the book for you.

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