“There’s a Tree on My House”

The book up for review is “There’s a Tree on My House” by Judith Victoria Douglas

It falls into the genre of children and activity book

Sadie and her two cousins, Abby and Ava, are playing in front of her house. Each little girl has a balloon. As they are playing the string slips from Ava’s grasp and it starts to float away. Seeing their cousin cry the other two girls release their balloons to make her feel better.

As the girls watch they notice a tree growing on top of the house. Not knowing where it came from or how they ask Sadie’s mom about it.

Trying to save the tree, it is taken down careful by a man who knows a lot about trees. He brings it to his greenhouse to take care of it in hopes of saving the little tree.

Time passes as the little girls wonder about their tree and how it is doing. They constantly ask about it. They all hope it will make it. The book is not very long so to say any more would give the ending away.

The book has activities inside for young children to work on from drawing to name tags. It is a cute little story for young readers

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