The book up for review is “Longclaws” by Steve Peek.

This novel in the genre of horror and thriller. It’s one of those novels where there are two themes unfolding in alternating chapters. But they tie in together brilliantly.

It starts off with creatures from a distance past. The kind of creatures legends are made out of. But people never take as having an ounce of truth in it. You are introduced to Longclaws a clan of animals that are vicious, bloodthirsty yet protective of their own. But they are not alone in this unforgiving world. The reader is taken on an adventure as the book describes them beautifully where you can imagine in your mind what is being written. Kudos on that alone. The picture has been painted well.

Enter the Mason family who has a history and knowledge of the creatures. They are the keepers of the entrance that separates our world from theirs. It is imperative the doors remain close. For the alternative would involve chaos and destruction for both worlds.

This book starts off a little slow. However I encourage the reader to keep reading.  The twists and turns that comes off the pages will keep your interest as you wonder what happens next. I am always amazed at authors who can create a unique and different world. Mr. Peek has done just that.



A well thought out and written novel.


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