The Keys to Life

The book for review is “The Keys to Life’ by Jessica Peterson


I place this book in the genre of romance and fiction.

Anna works out of the Emerald Hotel. The business is losing money and fast. She comes across why. She reports the findings to her boss and friend Matt who doesn’t handle it very well. He is drunk and has professed his love for her. That is not Matt’s only issue. He is still dealing with problems when it comes to his father.

She is caught by surprise but can’t deal with it right now as the hotel has to be saved. At the same time she’s helping Matt who has fallen into a coma due to his excessive drinking. But that is not his only problems. The book weaves out other issues that need to be resolved before the happy ending occurs.

I had a few problems with this book. Anna is not believable. She is a very skilled character who does not seem to have any flaws, every main character has to have flaws. The ending of the book or what I perceive to be the ending comes about in chapter 12 or 13.

This book has a lot of potential if the scenes were rearranged in an order that supported it. There are two strong scenes that are included that make the book work. If that was done this book would get a higher rating from me.






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