“Full Circle”

The book for review is “Full Circle” by Chuck Alderman

This novella is broken up into two-story lines. The genre if this is one is gangster life.

The story starts with a hobo who is on the run…a man has been killed. The first few pages you are not given the name of the man. But you don’t need it. The pace the race for this man to get away and fast is well written. He has to run and heads down to New Orleans.

The twist and turns of this character will not disappoint as he meets interesting people after people. To develop a complete character in such a short amount of time is kudos to the author.

The second half of this book is round two. Same well written descriptions and being driven into the framework of mind of our new character.

This book is dark and violent. It holds no punches. Even though this novella is small I read it relatively fast for you wanted to see what was going to happen next. The cast of people fitted in perfectly.

It is just the right size for a good pick up read if one is low on time.



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