The book up for review is “Forewarning” by Kate Wyland

Our main character is Kasey Martin. She is a young rancher with a special gift of touch. By this gift she can feel the energy from her animals who can relay their thoughts and pain. But Kasey can also use her talents on people. She doesn’t practice anymore when the book starts due to the death of her husband. His father blames her for using her hokey pokey medicine on him even though he still dies.

But that all changes when she comes across a car wreck and a stranger who needs medical help fast. Using her talent of harnessing healing energy she helps the man long enough for help to arrive. There is one major problem, he now has amnesia.

Kasey with her good nature and good will brings the man home against the protest of her friends. She hopes he can recover even though she has no clue who he is or what kind of man he is.

It is then that trouble arises in the small town and especially in the secluded area of her ranch. We should learn the stranger has a name TJ as he struggles to regain any memory from his past.

But as he struggles to learn who he is, it comes with a price.

I as a norm do not read romance novels. But this book kept my interest as the pacing was well written. The description was not over the top. We got just enough to fill our head with imagery without being bombarded. For me personally that is a big win. I truly did enjoy this book. The author did an amazing job of telling the story that is written between the covers.






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