American Phoenix

The book up for review is “American Phoenix” by Jane Hampton Cook.

This is a heavy book in page count and content. It is a story about Louisa Adam and John Quincy Adams. It takes place prior to him becoming president of the United States of America. The story starts off with JQA being disgraced in Washington and leaving his post. His saving grace, a position in Russia representing the new USA which is still learning her identity. She is far from the superpower we know it to be now. It progress through the ups and down of the famous couple as we are taken into their personal lives.

This book has a lot of information in it. Too much in fact. I was not sure if the author was trying to make this a biography or a book written in the genre of fiction. If you are a historical buff this book might interest you. I am sure it will interest a lot of readers. I am just not one of those readers.

There were too many sentences and information that was just not pertinent to the flow of the story or chapter that bogged me down and slowed my reading. I hate saying this for there was a lot of work put into this book, that could be easily seen.

This book was received for free in exchange for two honest review.



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