Skeleton Keys

The book for review is “Skeleton Keys” by CP Bialois.

This short novel is a collect of short stories in the genre of horror. They are short enough that you can pick it up and read quickly but still get a good shot of goosebumps along the way.

Some of the stories were a bit too short for I enjoyed them and then it ended. I wish they had been longer. Some stories got me wondering what was going to happen next as I got happily surprised with the ending. The twist and turns of the story that I enjoyed were on target. Some were heart-felt as it warmed my heart to read the tenderness of what was being written. It is a good collection that will give you a variety of emotions. As a Kindle read for .99 you can’t go wrong if you just want short stories to entertain you.

It is hard to classify this book other than a short collection of horror stories. That does not really give it justice. You are bound to like some of the stories located in this short novel. If you are a fan of this genre you will be pleased.



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