The book for review is “ Solstice” by Stacey Jaine McIntosh

The High Queen of Advent Mor has passed away. The protocol of who is next in line has always been the first-born daughter. However unwilling to alienate her children she divides the kingdom into six sections. Each portion will be run by one of her offsprings. The youngest being only twelve.

Most of the castles that are in the sections are run down and need repair. It is decided that Aric a former page to the High Queen be sent on a quest to secure the castles on behalf of the new rulers.

Aric gathers his supplies and starts toward the first region. Coming across a cabin in the woods he knocks hoping for some refuge from the outside. It is here he is captured and placed in a room with other prisoners who are under the spell of a creature who lives there.

Escaping with a young woman close to his age the two pair up as Aric collects various people to help him on his quest to secure the castle in this area. Why a band is needed is simple. Roiswen Castle is overrun by dragons. They must all work together, even if they don’t all like each other, to accomplish this feat. Along the way he soon discovers Dierdre, the young woman, is Fae and has a few tricks up her sleeves. Falling for her he is determined to keep her safe even if it means risking his life

This book has a lot of characters in it. If you are able to keep up with who is who you should be good to go. I was not a fan of Dierdre. Her persona rubbed me the wrong way. But that is okay. I wish it had ended a different way but we don’t always get to direct how each book is finished off.

If you are into dragons, Fae and magic this might be a good pick up for you. This genre is normally not what I read but it did keep my interest to see what was going to happen.



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