Aphanasian Stories

My review is for “Aphanasian Stories” by Rhonda Parrish.

This small book is a collection of stories with a similar theme, hence the Aphanasian Stories.

The first one is labelled “A Love Story”. It is about a young lady who is a swamp elf. She is the last of her kind. A family of Reptars takes her in and raises her. Not everyone in the village are open to swamp elves. One day she comes across a human while out gathering for her family. At first she is hesitant in associating with him. But as times passes by she comes to care for this human from across the way. She has to now make a difficult chose. She can stay with the family who has taken her in or run off with this man and leave all that she knows behind. Even though the village has not totally accept her it is what she knows.

The second section is titled “Lost and Found”. The main character Xavier has escaped a cruel master. One who did experimentation on his subjects against their will. While trying to get as far away from the place of torture he runs across a young woman, Colby, on a mission to save her brother. With their combine skills and talent it is possible but they have to learn to work together. Magic comes into play as they are in for the fight of their lives.

The third one is “Sister Margaret”. A little different Margaret seeks out an old friend to help her on a mission. One that involves killing an undead pimp that is torturing her girls. The girls being prostitutes. Her old friend, who has never forgiven himself for not saving her from the life of prostitution, helps along with a fellow vampire hunter.

These three short stories are all intertwined with each other. A delightful small book that captures your attention and keeps it.

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